Who we Are

The Briciola Charity Onlus is an italian non-profit organization established in 1992, giving international solidarity towards orphans and homeless children in Ethiopia, especially in the Hured Village in the Shop province. The Briciola Charity Onlus promotes Christian religious growth, education and social development by fund-raising and local activity. Due to the many supporters and volonteers the humane commitment by Briciola Charity Onlus is possible. The charity has helped more than 1000 children and their families since it began.

What YOU can do

Briciola Charity Onlus has grown constantly since 1992. This has possible thanks to all those who have offered their time as volonteers and single citizens, by companies and societies which have donated to our projects. Your help is fundamental to continue this humane commitment. Collaborating with Briciola Charity Onlus for a company, is a sign of sensitivity and real attention towards the serious problem of poverty and of the lack of water that the Ethiopian population have to face.  

Fiscal Benefits for companies

Each donation made to Briciola Charity Onlus is tax deductible: Rif. article 14 of law Decree n. 35/2005 the liberality of money or wares distributed by companies which are subject to company-taxation (I.Re.s) in favor of a non-profit organization can be deducted by unto 10% of their total income or, homeowner, no more than 70,000€ per year. Rif. article 100, subsection 2, letter H, of President till Decree n. 917/86, liberal donations in money unto 2,065.83€, or unto 2%, of declared company income may be deduced in favor of non-profit organizations. A special thanks to all the companies which have helped our project by offering services, materials or by buying the gadgets and supportive tickets. These proceeds go towards the active projects to Hured.  

Open Projects

A hospital has been started. Continuous help for the children in the project by the promotion of adoptions and donations. The maintenance of the finished projects.

Finished Projects

Nursery (1992)
A Road from Gunchirie to Hured (1993)
Water-well (1993)
School-first building (1997)
School-second building (2007)
School-third building ( 2008)
A bridge between Gunchirie and Hured (2008)
A water-cistern and aqueduct to supply drinking water (2008)
Hospital-first building ( 2012)
Hospital-second building (2015)
6 Churches: one for Hured and the others for nearly villages.

Other Iniziatives

Homes for the Homeless. Through the years Briciola Charity Onlus has used part of it’s money in restoring dignity to many homeless families. We have built over 30 houses. Helping the old. Due to economic help many lonely and in old people have regained the joy for life. They have been able to build homes, pay necessary medical cures and have blankets to cover themselves during the rainy season. Help for women with uterus prolapse. This is one of the curses for Ethiopian women. Low hygiene during labour and poor nutrition are often the courses of the prolapse in both young and elderly women. They have a continuous expression of pain Briciola Charity Onlus has sofar payed in full for the medical expenses of more than 160 operations. We intend to continue this battle, above all, at the Ebinezor Enemor Hospital.


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